With Sleepwalker of Forbidden Magazine about Wyllt and the Ankou Awaits project ~ April 12th 2013


All in all, this CD is so f*cked-up and belligerent that it canít be ignored.
(Well it can and it will be but that is an injustice.)

555/666 ~ Black Metal Reviews
Review of Oberour Ar Maro @

Often bands with Celtic themes are atmospheric or folky, but that is not the case here.
Ankou Awaits rip out fast, chaotic riffing with only a few melodic touches here and there.

3.75/5 ~ MetalCrypt
Review of Oberour Ar Maro @

What remains is a fine black metal album where clearly thought has been put into
and Eversole has given his everything.

74/100 ~ Lords of Metal
Review of Oberour Ar Maro @

'Wyllt' has turned into a fine black metal album which captivates for the entire duration
which is also probably due to the more technical guitar playing.

76/100 ~ Lords of Metal
Review of Wyllt @

ĎWylltí offers listeners a solid balance between driving death metal punishment
and atmospheric ambiance that will no doubt satisfy the most demanding fans.

Forbidden Magazine
Review of Wyllt @

If you like your Black Metal Ďby-the-numbersí, then donít approach this.
Itís complete f*cking madness from start to finish, boasting some of the most
incongruous song structures known to man or beast. This is one strange journey
and it can become a difficult one at times but I think itís refreshing to find
something so genuinely odd in todayís dot-to-dot musical landscape.
Love it or hate it, Ankou Awaits will certainly make an impression on you.
And thatís what we need; to be moved.

555/666 ~ Black Metal Reviews
Review of Wyllt @

Lo-fi and organic, obstinately inaccessible yet
oh-so-rewarding for those who get there, this is the antidote to
the polished, pristine produce f*cking up our beloved
subgenres (Black and Death Metal) today.

555/666 ~ Black Metal Reviews
Review of Crog Buidhe @

"Lebor Gabala Erenn stays the distance and emerges triumphant,
a fist in the face, a sword to the throat, a defiant accomplishment
that has almost literally come from nowhere."

555/666 ~ Black Metal Reviews
Review of Lebor Gabala Erenn @


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