Sobrwydd a Disgyblaeth

Release TBA

I. As If This Were My Tomb
II. Through This Strange Land
III. As Silent As A Serpent
IV. The Darkest Heart
V. Standing In A Beam Of Light
VI. A Frenzy Of Attacks Ensue
VII. The End Of The Forest

Oberour Ar Maro

CD release November 14th 2014

I. Awakening to Darkness
II. Harbinger of Souls
III. Welcomed Death
IV. An Intense Pain
V. Of Humility
VI. Song of the Dead
VII. Incarnations of Evil
VIII. Suffering
IX. My Eternity


CD release March 30th 2013

I. With Sword in Hand
II. The Blackened Faced Warrior
III. Heading Down the Path to Destiny
IV. With Madness in His Eyes
V. Among the Waste of War
VI. Along with His Sanity

Crog Buidhe

CD release March 8th 2012

I. Impetuous Youth
II. Seek a Treasure
III. The Hazel Wand
IV. Giant Malediction
V. Island Lost in Mist
VI. Twist of Fate
VII. Triumphant Return

Lebor Gabala Erenn

CD release September 13th 2011

I. Blood Red Shores
II. Surround the Dark
III. Isle of Forgotten Destiny
IV. The Everliving Ones
V. Born of Bile
VI. Battle
VII. For Our Souls
VII. Slaves and Lovers
IX. Of Sons and Daughters
X. For Whom We Mourn

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